Meet Dr. Jonathan Falkowski

“Dentistry allows me to create countless lasting relationships with my patients. I really enjoy getting to them and put myself out there for patients to be able to truly know me. Ask our patients and they’ll let you know that I have a reputation in our office of taking too long to talk about their hunting stories or unique vacation experiences. Don’t even get me started on conversations regarding sports.

“My goal is to make dentistry an experience where patients feel comfortable with their understanding of their oral health and the treatment I perform. It’s this trust and comfort that I strive for so that patients can have the best experience possible.” — Dr. Falkowski

Dr. Jonathan Falkowski originally started out to be a designer but always had a fascination for science. His love of art and design, mixed with his science background, led him to dentistry. Like his father, Dr. Jon Falkowski, Jonathan attended the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry for his Doctorate of Dental Surgery. Since then, he has continued his education to adopt new technologies and techniques that will create a better experience for his patients.

Although he enjoys general dentistry for its variety, Dr. Falkowski’s favorite aspects of dentistry have to do with 3D technology for cosmetics and implants. He spends countless hours, whether reading journal articles, discussing with colleagues, or attending courses out of town, to stay sharp on already-gained knowledge and techniques as well as to stay on the forefront of what is up and coming.

He is also a member of the American Dental Association, Minnesota Dental Association, Saint Paul District Dental Society, cerecdoctors, Advanced Dental Implant Studies, and DCTC dental assisting program advisory board.

Dr. Falkowski and his wife Katie have three children: Brynn (born 2012), Reece (2015), and Jack (2018). His yellow Lab Eddie doubles as his hunting partner. Dr. Falkowski loves the outdoors. In addition to deer and pheasant hunting, he is an avid and competitive cyclist, cross-country skier, and triathlete.